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As a 2100 years old city, Liuzhou has been the home to 48 ethnic minorities since the ancient dynasties. People of different cultures have been living here and integrated with each other, creating a unique and splendid culture for the city.  

Song of Zhuang Nationality
Liuzhou is the hometown of singing fairy Liu. Everyone is a good singer no matter his/her age. On the 3rd of March every year (lunar calendar), the Zhuang people hold a huge singing fair to sing for each other. Young people will dress themselves up for the event and the older generation will bring colored rice and eggs. The Zhuang people sing for everything in their lives.


Dance of Yao Nationality
Yao people dance with their special styles at certain dates through the year. They dance for the nature. Some of their signature dances include the drum dance, turtle catching dance, fairies dance, horse dance, hunting dance, butterfly dance and Shigong dance.

Festivals of Miao Nationality
Some of the Miao’s festivals include the Miao new year, 8th of April, dragon boats festival, new rice festival and autumn festival, in which the Miao New Year is the biggest event for them. Different from the Spring Festival for the Han Chinese, the Miao New Year is normally in the autumn. People provide dishes to their ancestors in the morning of the New Year and liquor to their bulls to thank them for their hard works. Then young people start to dance. At night, young guys from other villagers come and flirt with girls, which is called You Fang.

Towers of Dong Nationality
The residential buildings of the Dong people are usually made by fir woods and are normally 2 to 3 levels, stilting along hills or the river. The drum building is the symbol of Dong architecture. They look like layers of towers with expanding edges on each layer. Normally a drum building belongs to a group of people with the same surname. There are 3 to 4 bigger drums buildings in every village for village meeting or entertainment.

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