Ecological industries in Rong’an County thrive

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2024-04-01 15:00

Recently, an interview team from the Guangxi Branch of the China Photojournalist Society visited Rong'an County in Liuzhou to conduct thematic interviews on rural revitalization. Through the lenses and creations, the team fully showcased the vitality of ecological industries in Rong'an County, such as the kumquat industry and the cedar industry, as well as the charm of cultural traditions in the county.

During the visit, the interview team went into enterprises such as Guangxi Zhuangxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Jinyuan Food Co., Ltd., focusing on themes like the cedar industry, the kumquat processing, and the advancement of new quality productivity, capturing new scenarios of industry empowerment in rural revitalization and driving the development of new energy industries. Rong'an County is known for its distinctive modern agriculture and thriving ecological industries, being the "Hometown of Chinese Kumquats" and the "Hometown of Chinese Cedar Timber". Among them, the production of smooth and crunchy kumquats ranks first in the country, with a planting area of 215,000 mu, a production of 195,000 tons, a brand value of 4.54 billion yuan, and a total industrial chain output value of 5.24 billion yuan. The planting area of cedar is 1.39 million mu, with a cedar deep-processing industrial park spanning 2,860 mu, 230 wood processing enterprises, and an annual output value of 8.5 billion yuan.