First “mine-land integration” plot of Liuzhou sold by auction

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2023-01-14 15:00

Recently, Liuzhou’s first state-owned construction land use rights, including land leveling, slope and dangerous rock treatment, and mineral resources disposal, were successfully sold by auction at Liuzhou Land Trading and Reserve Center, with a new energy investment company in Guangdong winning the bid for 88.86 million yuan.

It is learned that the “mine-land integration” plot, numbered G(2022)83, is located in Yazhong Tun, Darong Village, Chengtuan Town, Liujiang District, with a land area of 101,712.09 square meters, used for industrial purposes (the comprehensive utilization of waste resources). Specifically, the land transaction price is 34.4 million yuan; the reserve of mineral resources is 4.18 million tons, with the transaction price for disposal of 54.46 million yuan. The successful auction of the plot marked a substantial step in the transfer of “mine-land integration” plot in Liuzhou. This time, Liujiang District has integrated the projects of the abandoned mine land transfer, mineral resources disposal, abandoned mine land leveling, and slope and dangerous rock treatment into a public resources trading platform, and determined a transfer mode of “one implementation subject for one transfer” through public trading, which has made a beneficial exploration for the “mine-land integration” plot transfer in Liuzhou and even in Guangxi.