CCTV broadcasts Liuzhou’s charm

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2023-01-08 15:00

The new large-scale program -- “Making Happy Guess”, created by Financial Program Center of China Media Group, was recently premiered on CCTV-2. The first episode of the program focused on Liuzhou, taking the audiences to appreciate the charm of the city “with the most beautiful landscape among industrial cities, and with the strongest industry among landscape cities”.

It is learned that the program adopted a new guess game mode, talking about Liuzhou’s stories from various aspects, such as the development of Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodle industry at the 10-billion-yuan level, the nationwide popularity of Yun Pian Gao (a kind of Chinese snack), the innovation and upgrading of four major automobile industrial bases, and the production of hair-thin steel wire, which fully demonstrated Liuzhou’s economic industry, history, culture, tourism resources, and specialty food, made an inventory of the city’s endless surprises and changes over the years, and unfolded a magnificent new picture of Liuzhou. Specifically, the program enthusiastically eulogized the city’s miracles. In just ten years, Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodle has been changed from snacks sold in roadside stalls into products manufactured in industrial parks, becoming a national Internet-famous product, and developed into a 10-billion-yuan-level industry.