Foundation of lean intelligent manufacturing plant of Wuling’s pure electric vehicles officially laid

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2022-11-22 15:00

Recently, the foundation of China’s first “smart island” general assembly base, the lean intelligent manufacturing plant of Wuling’s pure electric vehicles, has been officially laid at SGMW Baojun Base. In recent days, the news that Wuling has built the first “island” plant in China has been overwhelming, attracting the public’s attention.

According to Shen Yang, general manager of SGMW, the automobile industry is facing unprecedented changes in a century. The rapid popularization of new energy vehicles, the accelerated restructuring of the industrial chain, and the accelerated development of the trend of scenarios defining automobile continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire automobile industry chain and value chain. Taking the opportunity of the construction of the plant, an intelligent manufacturing platform with full link collaboration will be developed. In such a large “island” plant, the intelligent robots independently developed by Wuling and the one-stop data decision-making are widely used, which would greatly improve the level of manufacturing automation and informatization.