Liuzhou's new energy vehicles to be sold in Macao and Indonesia

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-11-16 15:00

Recently, it was learned that SGMW has brought GSEV (Global Small Electric Vehicle) models to participate in Macao International Auto Show and INAPA. GSEV models will be sold in Macao and are expected to be sold in Indonesia in 2022.

At Macao International Auto Show, SGMW carried the charging facilities that have been used in the mainland for a long time to help the local new energy ecological construction. GSEV model is not only convenient to charge, but also conductive to the enterprises to make great achievements in building urban new energy vehicle travel ecology. At the INAPA, SGMW announced that two new energy models, Hongguang MINIEV Macaron model and Baojun KiWi EV, will be sold in Indonesia from 2022, which will be the first time that GSEV series models be sold in overseas markets. According to relevant person in charge of the enterprise, GSEV models sold in Indonesia will be adjusted to meet local needs.