Part of subgrade construction for Longdu Tourist Road completed

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-03-23 15:00

It is recently learned from Liuzhou Investment Construction Development Co., Ltd. that the construction of drainage and subgrade of about 3 kilometers long at Section B (Qianmuhu Lake) of Longdu Tourist Road has been completed.

With a north-south direction, Longdu Tourist Road is located in Yufeng District, starting from Yangjiaoshan Road near the east gate of Longtan Park (in the north) and ends at Dule Road (in the south). The design length of the road is 6.39 kilometers, and the design speed is 40 kilometers per hour, with two-way four lanes. The road is specifically designed for tourists, and the design content includes road engineering, traffic engineering, bridge and culvert engineering, including a tunnel to cross the south ring road. The project is divided into section A and B. As for the 4-km-long section B (Qianmuhu Section), the bidding work has been completed, and the construction began in August last year. At present, the construction for a length of 3km concerning drainage and rock replacement of subgrade foundation has been completed. In Section A, pre-tender preparations are being carried out. It is reported that the project design scheme (landscape scheme) has been approved by the Urban Planning Board of Liuzhou in March this year, and the relevant design scheme is being improved.