Deep processing of sheet materials in Liuzhou develops rapidly

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-03-23 15:00

In March of the spring, there was a busy scene in the processing plants of sheet materials in the Rong’an-Guangxi Aromatic Cedar Ecological Industrial Park of Rong’an County and the Guangxi Luzhai Guizhong Modern Forestry Science and Technology Industrial Park of Luzhai County.

It is reported that at present, the planting area of aromatic cedar in Rong’an County is 1.357 million mu, and there are 2 aromatic cedar deep processing parks and more than 180 aromatic cedar processing enterprises in the county. Next, the county will also focus on building the aromatic cedar industry chain, encourage enterprises to increase investment in technology research and development, environmental-friendly board R&D and production, and expand the deep processing of fir boards, so as to form an industrial agglomeration effect and drive the surrounding industries to gain benign development. In addition, driven by Guangxi Luzhai Guizhong Modern Forestry Science and Technology Industrial Park, the total output value of forestry enterprises in Luzhai County reached 6.49 billion yuan in 2020, accounting for 35.6% of the total output value of the county. Next, the forestry industrial park will also build a national-level modern science and technology forestry industrial demonstration park integrating wood intensive processing, furniture manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, and cultivate and form an industrial cluster with high-end furniture and home furnishings.