Incremental launching construction of steel box girders completed for Fenghuangling Bridge

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-02-05 15:00

Recently, the incremental launching construction of steel box girders for Fenghuangling Bridge, the longest river-crossing wind-rain bridge in the world, has been completed, marking the end of the most crucial and difficult process and the beginning of bridge deck construction.

It is understood that Fenghuangling Bridge, located between Hedong Bridge and Zhegujiang Bridge, is the 22nd river-crossing bridge in Liuzhou’s urban area. As a highway and railway bridge, it boasts its ethnic design of the wind-rain bridges of the Dong minority. Even though it looks like the wooden wind-rain bridge in Sanjiang, it is indeed a steel concrete composite beam bridge, with a length of 700 meters for the main beam of the main bridge and a total weight of about 18.6 thousand tons for beam body. In the construction, the max span for the incremental launching of the main girder of Fenghuangling Bridge is up to 130 meters. In order to solve the difficulties in incremental launching, the project department adopted the solution of “nose girder + tower + cable-stayed buckles” and introduced multi-point self-balancing gait-model incremental launching equipment, so as to provide guarantee in equipment and technologies for large span, high precision and automation incremental launching of steel box girders.