Fragrant spring tea in season

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-02-04 15:00

Recently, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County held opening events for spring tea-leaf picking at Buyang Tea Park in Bajiang Town, so as to promote Sanjiang’s early spring tea. It invited representatives of famous tea enterprises and tea experts in Guangxi to gather in Sanjiang to taste Sanjiang’s early spring tea, promoting tea industry to improve quality and efficiency, and boosting Sanjiang to achieve industrial revitalization.

Sanjiang has a natural environment with the reputation of “high mountain, cloud and mist bring good tea” and is internationally recognized as a “golden tea area”. According to Wu Ronghua, a villager in Buyang Village, driven by tourism, the sales volume of Sanjiang’s early spring tea this year has been quite good, with the price of 1,600 yuan to 2,400 yuan per kilogram and an additional income of about 10 thousand yuan per mu per year. This year, Sanjiang took the opportunity of the picking event for early spring tea to further promote the building of comprehensive demonstration county of e-commerce in the rural area. With online and offline promotion, it organized companies to do live streaming and offer tea delivery, continue to enrich tea culture and enhance the influence of its early spring tea.