Liuzhou river snail rice noodle sold well for Spring Festival

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-02-02 15:00

Recently, the data of Tik Tok E-commerce “Special Purchases for the Spring Festival” showed that Liuzhou river snail rice noodle ranked first in the selling of snacks. Meanwhile, the sales data of T-mall Taobao Special Purchases for the Spring Festival showed that, compared with last year, the turnover of the rice noodle increased by 1,500%, and the number of people who bought the rice noodle increased by nearly 900%.

Besides, it can be witnessed on several online shopping platforms that many brands, such as No.Wang, JIA WEI LUO, and LUO ZHUANG YUAN, are in pre-sale. And for some other brands, delivery will be arranged within 15 days after payment. In 2021, a number of Liuzhou river snail rice noodle enterprises plan to further expand production capacity to meet the market demand. Among them, Guangxi Luozhuangyuan Food Technology Co., Ltd. has applied for a new site of 60 mu, and plans to expand its production capacity from 150,000 packs per day to 1 million packs per day. Meanwhile, the new plant of No.Wang, which covers an area of over 50 mu, is also under construction. After its completion, the daily output will reach over 1 million packs, which is expected to smoothly solve the problem of insufficient production capacity.