Liuzhou speeds up construction of standard plants

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2022-11-22 15:00

It was recently learned from Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Liuzhou that the city has planned 113 projects in 2022, with a total planned construction area of 8.638 million square meters and a total investment of over 52 billion yuan. Among them, social capital projects of the enterprises like Vanyang Group, Longling, Liando Group, and NetEase were introduced, with the construction of standard plants comprehensively accelerated.

It is reported that since 2022, the city has yielded remarkable outcomes in the construction of standard plants. Specifically, it has won a subsidy of 9.59 million yuan for the construction of standard plants at the autonomous-region level for Xiongying Machinery and SINO, accounting for 64.2% of the total subsidy in Guangxi. It has won a special loan of 3 billion yuan for standard plant projects such as the clothing industrial park, the raw material base of Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodle and the healthcare robot industrial park, vigorously supporting the construction of standard plant projects. Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Liuzhou, Office for Key Projects Construction of Liuzhou and other departments jointly held the promotion meeting on the construction of standard plants and the on-site coordination meeting for many times to coordinate and solve the problems of project land and supporting facilities, and promote the early commencement of planned projects and the faster construction of projects that have already started.