Liubei District and Chengzhong District listed in “2022 Top 100 Districts in Western China”

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2022-11-20 15:00

“The Monitoring Report on County Development in Western China in 2022” was recently released, and the lists of “2022 Top 100 Counties and Cities in Western China” and “2022 Top 100 Districts in Western China” were also announced. Among them, Liubei District and Chengzhong District of Liuzhou City were listed in the “2022 Top 100 Districts in Western China”.

It is learned that in recent years, Liubei District has focused on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the development of scientific and technological innovation industries. It has unswervingly promoted the development of “1+1+3” industries in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, and accelerated the formation of an industrial system with Liubei’s characteristics dominated by tourism equipment, prefabricated buildings, metal deep processing and recycling, and modern clothing. At present, there are 121 enterprises above designated size in Liubei District. While as the main urban area of Liuzhou, Chengzhong District has become the first choice of citizens for leisure, entertainment and shopping. With the service industry as the leading industry, Chengzhong District has made great efforts to tap the potential of service industry enterprises, increased the planning and promotion of tourism products, and advanced the service consumption of culture, tourism, health, etc.