Online and offline sales of Rong’an kumquat exceed 100 million yuan

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-11-23 15:00

It was recently learned from the Bureau of Science, Technology, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology of Rong’an County that after Rong’an kumquat was sold on the market, as of November 22, the total online and offline sales of this fruit had reached 125 million yuan. Only on the day of “Double 11”, its e-commerce transaction volume reached 20 million yuan.

The planting of Rong’an kumquat covers 12 townships in Rong’an County, with its scale, yield, quality and variety ranking top among those of the main kumquat producing areas in China. At present, Rong’an kumquat has a planting area of 207,200 mu, with an estimated total output of 195,000 tons, a total output value of 2.5 billion yuan, a processing output value of 160 million yuan, a brand value of 1.942 billion yuan, and a per capita individual income of more than 7,000 yuan. Rong’an County cooperates with e-commerce entities to expand the sales channels of its kumquats. Now the county has 749 e-commerce enterprises, 23,251 online stores and 49 logistics enterprises. The total amount of e-commerce transactions in the county increased from 880 million yuan in 2016 to 5.344 billion yuan in 2020, of which the online sales exceeded 1.7 billion yuan.