Sanjiang’s weekend tour reported on CCTV

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-11-20 15:00

Recently, accompanied by loud singing, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County of Liuzhou appeared on CCTV Business Channel (CCTV-2) in the program "Suburban Weekend Tour Becoming a New Tourism Hot Spot" by the column of "Consumption Proposition".

It is understood that the program introduced Sanjiang’s beautiful natural landscapes, colorful ethnic customs, and increasingly convenient transportation. Thanks to a variety of factors, Sanjiang has become a popular choice for tourists' weekend tour, and many tourists come here for a visit. Sanjiang has unique resource advantages and location advantages. The county is surrounded by hills and mountains. There are Dong villages, Dong characteristic buildings, bridges and other ecological tourism resources, making it one of the most ten charming villages in Guangxi. In addition, there are many traditional folk customs such as the Dong Choir, the Yege, ethnic dance, etc., brimming with strong folk culture.