First day competition of China Car Performance Challenge professional station ended

Source:Liuzhou Daily Date:2021-09-28 15:00

Recently, the first day competition of the 2021 China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC for short) professional station was ended. FORTHING T5 EVO has become one of the shining vehicle models in CCPC professional station by virtue of its outstanding performance.

It was understood that in the first day competition of SUV group in CCPC professional station, the race official set up four subjects including bumping challenge, braking in the wet, straight-line acceleration and moose test, which respectively tested the power, handling and comfort of various SUV models in professional test sites. Each SUV model showed its capabilities in the competition and fully demonstrated its own strength. Among them, the subject of braking in the wet is closer to the usage scene of car in daily life. FORTHING T5 EVO achieves the goal of faster and more stable braking with excellent tire grip and vehicle stability control system, which stands out in the subject of braking in the wet.