Liuzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

Date:2009-07-08 10:33

1Brief Introduction to LHIDZ

LHIDZ was approved by the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; it enjoys the same preferential policies as any provincial high-tech development zone and now consists of the Center Garden and the Guantang Business Garden.

2Position of LHIDZ

To apply hi-tech technologies to upgrade and escalate the traditional industry, to foster the new industrial base of Liuzhou and to become the new urban area of Liuzhou city.

3The Center Garden of LHIDZ

The Center Garden is located along the east bank of the Liu Jiang River, covering an area of 12 square kilometers with excellent environment. In the Garden, markets, school, hospital, hotel, classic housing area are completely available. All kinds of institutions are established in the Garden such as business center, law office, human resources center, arbitration committee, technical market, customs, commercial inspection department, banks, foreign exchange, export-import Company and etc.

With the development more than 10 years, the Center Garden has formed a development pattern that mainly supported by new material industry, electronics & IT industry and industry of integration of mechanics and electronics. Together with the extension of the city as well as the adjusting of district function, the Center Garden will develop itself in the direction that to be company head quarter, R&D centers and development base.

4The Guantang Business Garden of LHIDZ

The Guangtang Business Garden is the kernel of the New East City located in the east suburb of Liuzhou. It is planned to cover an area of 25 square kilometers. 7 kilometers form the downtown of Liuzhou city, it is only 30 minutes away from the Liuzhou Airport by car, and 90 minutes from the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport by car.

1Development Guideline

Strictly based on the guideline to develop a city that is sustainable in development and suitable for both living and establishing business with excellent environment, it is now accepted by China and the USA as a demonstrative city program of sustainable development.

2Development Goal

The Guantang Business Garden aims at developing itself into a hi-tech industry base in which the industrial structures are coordinated, technology are optimized, brands are famous, production chains are complete, and values are the most optimized with international market. It will be the most active and advanced new city in Liuzhou.

3Industrial Direction:

The new-material industry dominated by non-ferrous metal further processing;

Industry of integration of mechanics and electronics;

IT & software industry;

Biology and medicine industry;

New energy and eco industry;

Develop modern logistics and industrial exhibit as well as establish the garden of higher education in which production, education and research are closely connected.

5Investment Mode

(1)  Standard workshop to rent: lease out standard workshop constructed by the City;

(2)  Land for Development in cell: transfer the land use right in cell to those institutions or private persons who aim at establish business here;

(3)  Land for Development as a whole: land for Public facilities invested together by management department of state-owned capital and investor.

 (4) Land for Independent Development: Guided by the government, to transfer the land use right to individual or independent groups, and the land transferred is subject to the independent development of the investor for the development of industry group of certain technology.

 (5) Other investment: Besides those four kinds of investment mentioned above, other mode that is good for investment attraction can also be probed.