Liuzhou Yanghe Industrial Development Zone

Date:2009-07-08 10:30

1Overall Introduction to LYIDZ

LYIDZ, close to the Liu Jiang River in its west, to the Zirong town in the east, to the Luobu Town in the north and to the Yanghe in the south, is located in the east of Liuzhou city with a total over about 45 square kilometers. It is a economic development zone approved by the Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

LYIDZ is surrounded by mountains and close to water, enjoying a desirable geographic location and convenient transportation both in land and waterway. It is the joint point of GuiLiu express way and NanLiu express way, and it can reach Hong Kong and Macao through the Liu Jiang River. It will be the manufacturing center of Liuzhou or even that of the Guangxi. It aims at constructing a new city in which industry dominates as well as a reasonably arranged eco city where trade, living and relaxing prosper.

2The Planning of LYIDZ

According to the overall city planning of Liuzhou city, LYIDZ sticks to high-standard planning and high-level construction. It will be a major engine of the industrial development of Liuzhou city. LYIDZ welcomes all investment programs that comply with the national industrial policies and the industry position of LYIDZ; meanwhile, it also welcomes companies of finance, trade and real estate to invest in Liuzhou and in LYIDZ.

3Industry Positioning

Supported by the industrial advantage of Liuzhou, LYIDZ emphasizes automobile and its spare parts, engineering machinery dominated by engineering machine and general machine, large equipments manufacturing, manufacturing of environment-protection equipments and the integration of mechanics and electronics, modern biological and pharmaceutical industry of high added value, and other promising industry. Meanwhile, develop those service enterprises related such as finance and trade. 

4Preferential Policies

All the enterprises invested and established in the LYIDZ are entitled to enjoy all the tax preferential polices granted by the state as well as all the financial assistance supported by LYIDZ Management Committee.


LYIDZ Management Committee offers all enterprises entering in the garden “one-station” service and applies for related documents and approvals for them free of charge.

6Investment Mode

1Purchase the land to construct factory

2To rent standard workshop